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Department of Social Development

The Department conducts interdisciplinary research and practical activities in the field of public organisation management understood in a way that is to serve development at various levels. First of all, at the level of individual development, including in particular the professional development of people in public organisations. Secondly, at the level of development of groups and teams operating within the organisation and these organisations as a whole. Thirdly and finally, at the level of social and civilisation development in the broader context of the contemporary world.

The Department of Social Development develops its scientific, didactic, and practical activities in close collaboration with various organisations from the public sphere, the functioning of which is of key importance for the development processes perceived at various levels. The department builds its activities in a manner integrated with the development of the didactic activity of the Institute of Public Affairs of the Jagiellonian University, which conducts studies in public management and social policy management. The implementation of different forms of the Department's activities aims at developing the theory and practice of management in the public sphere through the creative use of the achievements of such sciences as for instance sociology, psychology, economics, and other sciences that raise issues important from the perspective of management theory and practice. In the research approach represented by the Department, a strong emphasis is put on the practical aspects by undertaking projects and practical activities in collaboration with various public organisations with which the Department’s employees have been implementing many different projects for many years.

In the research carried out by the Department, the entities are first of all the people perceived as developing individuals, members of developing teams, and active social entities influencing development processes at the local and global level. The Department aims to search for new research methods and approaches through the use of experiences associated with the management of social sciences and humanities.

Personal squad

dr hab. Roman Dorczak, prof. UJ - manager

dr Bożena Freund

dr Wioleta Karna

dr Rafał Musialik

dr Kamilla Noworól