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Social Policy Management - first-cycle studies





Description of the field of study

Studies in Social Policy Management at the Institute of Public Affairs of the Jagiellonian University prepare graduates who aspire to be the future leaders and managers of public, business, and non-governmental organisations, primarily implementing tasks in the field of social policy. On graduation, the graduates can work in managerial, expert, or advisory positions in local, national, and international administration, development and regional aid agencies, in NGOs, in social enterprises, as well as in consulting companies or public and private sector partnerships. In addition, they will be prepared to take up work in the departments of human resource management, employment relations management, and public relations management in enterprises (in the field of relations with employees, trade unions, government and local government, communication with the media, corporate social responsibility, and strategic consulting).

The field of Social Policy Management aims to provide students with the skills needed to understand how to manage the permanent transformation of public affairs in a modern way, in particular in the field of social policy. It focuses on providing future managers with the tools to respond to current and future challenges facing governments, local governments, businesses, and civil society organisations. It allows for gaining of knowledge on how to go beyond traditional paradigms, using non-traditional solutions, and to make effective management decisions.

Theoretical knowledge acquired during the studies, combined with practical skills, which are acquired, inter alia, during internships, study visits, exercises, specialist IT classes, and taking part in numerous scientific and research projects, will in the future enable graduates to undertake and implement appropriate activities to satisfy the diverse needs of citizens and solving everchanging social problems.

The content in the field of management and quality sciences as well as political and administration sciences implemented in the didactic process significantly distinguish the field of Social Policy Management as part of the Jagiellonian University’s didactic offer. The uniqueness of the field is additionally strengthened by the fact that the programme is based on the contemporary theory of management and quality sciences embedded in the context of a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary knowledge on social, psychological, political, economic, legal and financial causes, conditions, and consequences of contemporary social problems.

The didactic process based on the current results of scientific research conducted in cooperation with domestic and foreign academic centres and experts from the public, social, and economic sectors provides a solid base for building a wide range of competences and key skills in the future work of people holding managerial roles in national and international organisations who understand both the organisational context as well as the challenges faced by the government and public policy of various levels.

Academic Year:

2023/2024 - Aplikacja Sylabus UJ

2022/2023 - Aplikacja Sylabus UJ

2021/2022 - Aplikacja Sylabus UJ