Conferences 2012


The Jagiellonian University Institute of Public Affairs would like to invite you to attend a conference in a series devoted to contemporary theory and practice of public affairs management:

5th International Academic Conference PRO-DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY OF PUBLIC AND CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS will be held on 29- 30 November 2012 in Cracow


Since autumn 2008, the contemporary world has been experiencing the aftermath of the economic crisis. The economic phenomena related to the crisis of public finances in many countries of the EU have been its most visible signs. Although such processes have affected the functioning of the state and the business sector in Poland, they have not taken their most extreme form. What is more, with the support from the European funds and the ongoing modernization of the state and the economy, we can observe an acceleration in the socioeconomic development within many fields. This acceleration – sometimes praised, other times challenged, or even denied - is associated with the pro-development activity of the public authorities and the non-government sector.


Objectives of the conference

The main objective of the 5th International Academic Conference of the Institute of Public Affairs of the Jagiellonian University is to try to summarize the academic reflection on the pro-development activity of the public sector organizations and NGOs. At the same time, we assume that socioeconomic development, and particularly territorial development, should be approached in the broadest manner possible, and that it refers both to environmental / spatial questions, the changes in the human and social resources, the growth and qualitative changes in the economy, and finally - the evolution of management systems in the public sphere. As in the previous conferences, we would like to facilitate the integration of the academic community investigating the social, economic, and spatial aspects of the management of local administrative units.


Specific objectives of the conference:

1. Determining the state of research in Poland and worldwide, with particular emphasis on the existing achievements, and discussing the developmental processes upon which the public authorities have substantial influence.
2. Presenting the cultural, social and institutional conditions determining the effectiveness of pro-development activities of the public and civic sector.
3. Attempt at the determination of the effectiveness of regional development support tools from the European funds.
4. Discussion on the use of development instruments to improve the quality of public policies and projects in local administrative units, in particular with regard to the following sectors: education, revitalization, popularization of culture, mobilization of the labour market, and others.
Due to a wide range of topics and a multidisciplinary character of the conference, we would like to extend our invitation to the entire academic community, as well as to the practitioners of management, who - in the cognitive sense and in their ongoing activities - deal with various aspects of development processes activation and animation, and with development management in local administrative units.

The conference deliberations will be held at the plenary and thematic sessions at the Campus of the 600th anniversary of the Jagiellonian University Revival. There is a social programme planned, including a sightseeing tour of Krakow.
The programme of the Conference and participation rules will be published at a later date on:

Chair of the Academic Committee
Dr hab. Aleksander Noworól, Associate Professor

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