Seminarium naukowe: Entrepreneurship, Leadership and the Art to Write (Hi)story - 24.04.2018

Szanowni Państwo,

W imieniu Instytutu Spraw Publicznych UJ serdecznie zapraszamy pracowników, doktorantów i studentów WZiKS na seminarium naukowe, w ramach którego doc dr Malin Gawell z School of Social Sciences (Sodertorn University), zaprezentuje referat pt.


„Entrepreneurship, Leadership and the Art to Write (Hi)story”.


Seminarium odbędzie się w dniu 24 kwietnia 2018 r. w godz. 11.30-12.30 w sali 0.102.


Szczegóły wystąpienia zawiera poniższy abstrakt.

Entrepreneurship, Leadership and the Art to Write (Hi)story, is a study based on entrepreneurship, management and leadership theories and theories elaborating on the organizing of different types of activities in (civil) society, with a particular interest in tensions such as the cross road between individuals engagement, organizational governance and leadership beyond formal authority. The study is based on the Red Cross activities to prevent and alleviate human suffering in Sweden and in the world. And thereby the link between (emergency) response and long-term development is also emphasized.

Methodologically, the study is based on an ethnographic approach including participatory observations, longer and shorter structured interviews, a large amount of conversations, as well as analysis of documents.  The first two years of the study was conducted in-house the organizations everyday practices.


Z poważaniem

Prof. dr hab. Monika Kostera

Dr Mateusz Lewandowski, z-ca dyrektora ds. ogólnych


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