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Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism: STRANGER Kraków, 4-6th July 2022

Data: 04.07.2022 - 06.07.2022
Miejsce: Place: Faculty of Management and Social Comumunication - ul. prof. St. Łojasiewicza 4, 30-348 Kraków
Organizator: Host: Faculty of Management and Social Comumunication

Theme: Stranger

Strangeness and otherness have always accompanied people. Who is the stranger when he or she becomes one of us, what happens when he or she ceases to be the stranger? This call  for papers encourages researchers who want to recognize, understand and tame the "stranger", foreign space, places and finally "foreign" organisations.

Contributors may find inspiration in the following themes:

  • Cultural and interactive aspects of relationships with the stranger
  • The organisation in a foreign culture
  • Foreign culture in the organisation
  • The human in a foreign place
  • Foreign emotions in the human
  • Communication with the stranger
  • Strangeness in education
  • Alienation in the workplace
  • Alienation in the public sphere
  • Alienation of the creator towards their work
  • Social, psychological and economic effects of alienation
  • Foreign markets
  • Leadership in the context of strangennes
  • Technological foreignness

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Jagiellonian University in Kraków